Keep Your Weight at Bay with Calcium

Are you a serious dieter who keeps a watch on his or her diet to shed excess weight or just maintaining the weight? Do you avoid taking milk and other milk products out of the fear of gaining fat? Then you may be increasing your weight unconsciously by avoiding milk or the other milk products in the quest of becoming thinner and to shed that extra flab but you may be unaware that in this way you are increasing your weight rather than reducing it. You may be putting your bones at risk too by depleting it of essential nutrients and increasing your chances of developing osteoporosis. People also take some drugs like Adipex, Phentermine 37.5 mg, Xenical etc. to reduce their excess weight. You may be even taking some popular weight loss diets but they may be devoid of calcium and other essential nutrients.

Women are more watch conscious than men and hence they try to keep themselves off from milk and milk products but they do not know that in the process they are making their bones brittle causing them to break easily as they age. Some women in the age group of 18-50 were studied and the results showed that they had lower bone mineral density and lower bone mineral content. The two most important ways to make your bones stronger are to take exercise regularly and to have a well-balanced diet with adequate calcium in it.

What about milk products being fattening?

This is a common myth that taking more of milk products can be fattening for you. But the research studies have proved that dairy products are not only good for your bones but can help you maintain a healthy, low fat diet too. You may be thinking that how, calcium, which is a prominent part of dairy products can be helpful for weight loss? There have been several studies made which prove that people with higher calcium content weigh the least but men who took the lowest amount of calcium in their food have the highest percentage of body fat. When overall calorie consumption is accounted the calcium levels not only help to keep the body fat in check but also help to reduce the body fat. Consumption of calcium rich food in fact decreases body fat and helps in the wait loss program. Almost 20 recent studies have proved that a high intake of calcium rich milk products in reality help to reduce weight to a great extent. Researchers also prove that the calcium found in milk products is more effective in fat reduction as compared to calcium in the other food sources.
So those who had been keeping themselves away from milk and other milk products should stop doing it now from henceforth. If you are serious of maintaining a healthy body weight then start taking more of milk and other milk products to increase your calcium intake.